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JIKU by Ami Yamasaki + Michael Smith-Welch
■Short CV (Japanese)





Ami Yamasaki is a vocalist and cross-media artist from Tokyo. Yamasaki creates installations, performance pieces and directs films. With primal vocals and movement, she explores the possibilities of a deeper understanding towards the mechanism of the world. In 2017 she was invited to New York by Asian Cultural Council as its grantee, in 2018 was invited to the Philippines as Asian Fellow of Asia Center Japan Foundation. She mainly performs in Japan, but has recently staged work in the U.S at “Sounds to Summon the Japanese Gods” at Japan Society in 2016, and in the Philippines “Ephemaral Knots” at VIVA EXCON 2018 CAPIZ Biennale in 2018. Her main solo show have included “Signs of voices” (2016, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto), and group shows include “Tokyo Experimental Festival vol.09 ” (2014, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo), “Exchange-planting a seed” (2013, Aomori Contemporary Art center, Aomori) and “Sonic City 2013 Liquid Architecture” (2013, RMIT, Melbourne). Her work is diverse and prolific; ranging from the collaborations with Keiji Haino, Yasunao Tone, Akira Sakata, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, workshops at The National Museum of Art Osaka, and Arts Maebashi, as well as television and film appearances as a narrator and voice foley for “MORIBITO Ⅱ” (NHK, 2017) . She presented a TEDx talk at TEDxTokyo yz in 2016.


山崎阿弥 やまさき・あみ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

声のアーティスト、美術家。自らの発声とその響きを耳・声帯・皮膚で感受し、エコロケーション(反響定位)に近い方法を用いて空間を認識する。空間が持つ音響的な陰影をパフォーマンスやインスタレーションによって変容させることを試みながら、世界がどのように生成されているのかを問い続けている。また、量子力学に関心を持ち、科学者とのコラボレーションに力を入れている。近年はAsian Cultural Council フェロー(アメリカ、2017)、国際交流基金アジアセンターフェロー(フィリピン、2018)、瀬戸内国際芸術祭(2019)など国内外に活動の幅を広げている。愛媛県出身、東京都在住。

Curriculum Vitae (summarized)


2017 Winning a prize: Geo-Cosmos Content Contest, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

2016 Grand Prix: The 4th Annual 500-m Underground Walkway Gallery Award, Sapporo

2015 Encouragement Prize: Tokyo Experimental Festival vol.09 (Sound Installation Section)

Tokyo Wonder Site / Institute of Contemporary Art and International Cultural Exchanges, Tokyo

(Currently known as Tokyo Arts and Space)


Grant / Fellowship

2018 Japan Foundation Asia Center Asian Fellow

2016 Japan-United States Arts Program Asian Cultural Council Saison Foundation



Sociology, faculty of law and letters, the department of humanities, Ehime University

Degree: Bachelor





Artist in Residence

■31 May to 29 November, 2018

Japan Foundation Asia Center Asian Fellow, Philippines


■February, 2018

RhizomeDC, Washington DC, U.S.


■July 2017 to March 2018

Japan-United States Arts Program Asian Cultural Council Saison Foundation


■November 13-19, 2017

Composers Now Creative Residencies in partnership with The Pocantico Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Asian Cultural Council, Pocantico Center Residencies, NY, U.S.


■3 to 22 October, 2016

Artist in School Program at Sapporo Municipal Kojo elementary school, Hokkaido, Japan


■11 September to 20 December, 2013

Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori Public College, Aomori, Japan

Artist in Residence Program 2013 / Autumn


■12 August to 2 September, 2013

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Melbourne, Australia

The RMIT University School of Art International Artist in Residence Program – iAIR


Selected performances

2021  “JAPAN. BODY_PERFORM_LIVE”, opening performance, Padiglione D'Arte Contemporanea, Italy

2020  “#leap2live”, online performance series, Tokyo, Japan

2020  Shibuya Innovation Week / Shibuya New Normal Experiment, several places in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

2020  Born Creative Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Tokyo, Japan

2019  Global Ring Grand Opening Performance w. Yoshihide Otomo, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Tokyo, Japan

2019  “Myth – Harmony of Gods” w. Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, The Kanazawa Theatre, Ishikawa, Japan

2019  Charlie Collins 50th Anniversary Concert, Iklectik (London), Access Space (Sheffield), UK

2019  “Ami Yamasaki Live Performance”, Aller Park Studios in Dartington, Devon, UK

2019  “Plnka”, Fuga, Bratislava

2019  Music Unlimited Festival#33, Alter Schlachthof, Wels, Austria

2019  “Insular Membrane” Setouchi Triennale 2019, Kagawa, Japan

2019  “ONGAKU” by Thin Edge New Music Collective, 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Toronto, Canada

2018  Winter Solstice, Enoura Observatory, Kanagawa, Japan

2018  VIVA EXCON 2018 CAPIZ, Roxas City, Philippines

2018  TTM: IGNITION BOX “EXTREAM QUIET VILLAGE” vol.3, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo

2018  JAZZ ART Sengawa, Sengawa Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

2018  World Listening Day 2018, Ateneo Art Gallery, Manila, Philippines

2018  Stone x Rothenberg x Yamasaki, Issue Project Room, NY, U.S.

2018  Residency at The Stone : Ryuichi Sakmoto, The Stone at the New School, NY, U.S.

2018  “SURFACE” , Westbeth Artists Community, mhPROJECTnyc, NY, U.S.

2018  The 2018 Composers Now Festival Opening Event, The Jazz Gallery, NY, U.S.

2018  Daniel Neumann "CHANNEL" closing concert, Fridman Gallery, NY, U.S.

2017  Intermedia Festival w. Yasunao Tone, Phill Niblock Studio, NY, U.S.

2017  Sundays on Broadway, Cathy Weis Project, NY, U.S.

2017  Human Festival #01, Icebox project space, Philadelphia, U.S.

2017  “Making It”, w. Jim Strong, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, U.S.

2017  AMUSE Concert ”SETOUCHI THE MOVIE”, Naoshima Hall, Kagawa, Japan

2017  “re:cite” Closing concert for “Signs of Voices” w. Ko Ishikawa, Morishige, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan

2016  Arts Council Tokyo Open Lab, w. Harumichi Saito, SHIBAURA HOUSE, Tokyo, Japan

2016  “Sounds to Summon the Japanese Gods Japan Society, NY, U.S.

2016  “Planeting” w. Akiko Nakayama, GALAXCITY, Tokyo, Japan

2015  Contemporary Kagura “Kame no Otonahi”, Sumiyoshi Shrine, Fukuoka, Japan

2015  The 6th School of Engineering and The 52nd School of Information Science and Technology Colloquium

          “New Approaches to Live Media, Vocalism and Japanese Traditional Instrumentation ”Live Performance, Chukyo University, Aichi, Japan

2015  Trans Arts Tokyo “Dream in Firelight” w.Takuzo Kubikukuri, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan

2015 “Sayoko Yamaguchi The Wearist, Clothed in the Future”, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2015  JCDN Odorini-Ikuze!! vol.5 “To day”, Sapporo/Sendai/Hakata/Kobe/Tokyo, Japan

2015  “Playing with Sound” w. Akio Suzuki, kanabun, Kyoto, Japan

2014 “Crossroads Silence” w. Norimizu Ameya, Lady Jane, Tokyo, Japan

2014  Whenever Wherever Festival “Magic square and summon”,Saison Foundation Morishita studio, Tokyo, Japan

2014  “Music as film” directed by Kei Shichiri, UPLINK FACTORY, Tokyo, Japan

2013  “Violence and Form Parade in Me”, CIQ plaza, Kanagawa, Japan

2012  Trans Arts Tokyo “Burning Shadow of a Man” Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan

2012   glasio bluo “yes, me”, YES Theater and refugee camps, Hebron, Palestine

2010 “DANCE 2000 FESTIVAL” w. Makoto Matsushima, Theatre ZERO, Seoul, Korea

2010  “Spring Storm” w. Keiji Haino, Lady Jane, Tokyo, Japan

2007  “crossing vision “, Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo, Japan

2007  Okihiki ritual, Ise Shrine, Mie, Japan


Selected group exhibitions

2021  “JAPAN. BODY_PERFORM_LIVE”, Padiglione D'Arte Contemporanea, Italy

2020  “Kanji Musica”, Kanji Museum, Kyoto, Japan

2016  “GHOST”, Zuiun-an, Kyoto, Japan

2016 The 4th Annual Sapporo Odori 500-m Underground Walkway Gallery Award, Sapporo, Japan

2015  “SAPPORO ART STAGE 2015”, Chikaho, Sapporo, Japan

2014  Tokyo Experimental Festival vol.9 “till a quiet room sings”, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, Japan

2013  “Exchange –planting a seed-”, Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori, Japan

Selected solo exhibitions

2018  “The First Question” mono8, Manila, Philippines

2018  “f/weather”, RhizomeDC, DC, U.S.


2016  “Signs of Voices” , Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan

2015  “My Vehicle”, Gallery YUME, Tokyo, Japan

2013  The Quiet Addition to The Sonic City 2013 and BLINDSIDE Sound Series “a day, unsung”, BLINDSIDE, invited by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Melbourne, Australia

2012  “[DUO_coffee shop] with Theo”, Roji to Hito, Tokyo, Japan

2009  “wind place”, GENDAI HEIGHTS Gallery Den, Tokyo, Japan

2008  “HIKARI -the light-“, temporary alternative space, Tokyo, Japan

2006  “everyday I die, everyday I'm born”, Ogawacho Gallery , Tokyo, Japan

2003  “windows of my heart”, INAX Gallery , Ishikawa, Japan


Selected Workshop

2019  “ONGAKU” by Thin Edge New Music Collective, CMC Chalmers Performance Space, Toronto, Canada

2018  “Think”, Filamer Christian University, Roxas City, Philippines

2018  “World Listening Day”, Casa San Miguel, Zambales, Philippines

2017  “Laboratry of expandability in our bodies” Arts Maebashi, Gunma, Japan

2015  “listen – to know by ears”, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan

2015  “erase, and draw” Chikaho (underground space for the pedestrians), Sapporo, Japan

2014  NPO Tanpopo-no-ye Foundation, Nara, Japan

2013  “Call for sound” Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori, Japan

2010  Puppet work shop for teachers, YES theater, Hebron, Palestine

2010  Dance workshop with sound w. Makoto Matsushima, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea


Artist Talk and Presentation

2020  NIKKEI COMEMO “School of Art Thinking #00”, hoops link tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2019  “To hear inside, to hear outside” w. Issho Fujita, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

2019  “Life of Animal II”, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

2018  VIVA Excon 2018 Capiz, Ang Panublion, Roxas City, Philippines

2016  TED x Tokyo yz “Mankind”, Uchida Yoko, Tokyo, Japan

2016  SONY Life Space UX “Song of glass, forest of echo” B&B, Tokyo, Japan

2016  Music Show and Tell, CAI02, Hokkaido, Japan

2015  The 6th School of Engineering and The 52nd School of Information Science and Technology Colloquium “New Approaches to Live Media, Vocalism and Japanese Traditional Instrumentation ”Live Performance, Chukyo University, Aichi, Japan


Research Project

2018  For the new possibilities of collaboration : research, experiment and practice in Philippines

Japan Foundation Asia Center Asian Fellow, Philippines

2017 – 2018 Research on the poetry scene and the art forms in a wide range of disciplines, and to conduct interviews with artists, curators, and locals in New York City, Japan-United States Arts Program/ACC Saison Foundation Fellow

2017  Interview and filming project “Black Cloth Poetry”, Manila, Philippines

2014– 2015 Traveling Research Laboratory, Arts Council Tokyo, Japan


Film and TV Drama Appearance

2019  Voice: National Geographic Documentary “Kingdom of the White Wolf” by Ronan Donovan, U.S.

2018  Voice effect: “My Tyrano: Together, Forever”, Kōbun Shizuno, Japan, South Korea, China

2018  Voice: ”SETOUCHI THE MOVIE”, AMUSE INC., Yokichi Osato, Japan

2017  Narrator and voice: NHK 90th Anniversary Drama on TV “MORIBITO Ⅱ”, Japan

2017  Voice and perform: "Sanctuary at Sanctuary City" by Miah Artola, NY, U.S.

2017  Documentary film: “ENCOUNTERS WITH SILENCE”, by Janus Victoria, Japan , Philippines

2016  Sound: “Orange Trill” by Georg Anthony Svatek, NY, U.S.

2015  Voice: “Salome’s Daughter”, Kei Shichiri, Japan

2014  Voice: “The Imagination of Kanazawa Castle” by DRAWING AND MANUAL, Ishikawa, Japan

2011  Voice: “Vessels” by Koya Takahashi, Tokyo,Japan

First Prize (13th TBS Digicon6 Awards), Mayor’s Prize (Yamagata Movie Festival 2011),

Design Award (Tokyo University of the Arts)


Composition and Appearance by Recordings

2018  “You Are Unwanted, Yet, You Radiate”, E-Waste Warehouse, NY, U.S.

2018  Preinstalled music for Phone Application “Fields”, Planeta NY, U.S.

2018  “pan-terrestrial people’s anthem” by Andrew Demirjian, harvestworks, NY, U.S.

2018  Music for SHISEIDO THE STORE by Shuta Hasunuma, Pioneer Works, NY, U.S.

2016  “Selvagem” by Mariano Marovatto, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2015  Opening theme for "dressing room" written by Kunio Shimizu, directed by Naoko Ema, Tokyo, Japan.

2013  “SOYOGI” by Masakazu Uehata, UNAMAS, Tokyo, Japan

2012  Theme song for mobile library at disaster-stricken area, Shanti Volunteer Association, Tokyo, Japan


Radio Appearance

2018  WFMU “Vocal Fry”, by Dan Bodah, NJ, U.S.

2016  WNYC ”New Sounds #3919” by John Schaefer, NY, U.S.

2016  WKCR, Columbia University, NY, U.S.


​Always be concrete.  
Always be direct.  
Though convey with lyricism.  
For its purpose, never fear solitude.


​​常に具体的であること ​
常に直裁であること ​
でも、それらを詩情によって伝えること ​

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